What Are Watermark Clients Saying?

There is a difference between giving a client a loan, and helping a client purchase a home
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Your Lender Matters

For years we’ve seen homeowners assume that getting a mortgage is as simple as buying a TV or shopping for a car. In a low inventory market the lender you select can be the difference between having your offer accepted and not having your offer accepted. But don’t take it from us, hear what our clients have to say about Watermark.

Mike Cook and Team at Watermark Home Loans are Top Quality

I have been working with Watermark Home Loans for about 10 years now for buying Homes, Investment Properties, and refinancing properties in Southern California. They are a high quality company. When I decided to buy an investment property in Arizona the broker I normally work with was not licensed for Arizona that’s when he turned me on to his partner Mike Cook. Mike and his team made the process real easy, keeping me informed of progress. They provide a great personal touch making you feel comfortable with the whole process from application to funding. Mike was even able to provide me with an excellent realtor contact in the area I was looking to purchase. The realtor was top notch very knowledgeable about investment properties, as well as the areas I was searching. Once I was ready to make an offer Mike and his team already had the prequalification letter ready and preliminary approval complete. Mike and his team work very hard, they were ready to fund well before the 30 day escrow was ready close. The process is so streamlined it actually make buying real estate to easy. Good Job Mike, I will be back.

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Ken L. from Redondo Beach, CA

I Can Not Recommend Regan Highly Enough

My wife and I decided to buy a new house. The last time we did that was in 2008 and we felt like we were novices. I had just sold my mom’s house and asked her realtor if he could refer me to any good mortgage finance professionals. My wife and I are very type A people so we needed a person who was willing to take the time to explain everything to us and build our trust that he/she knew what they were doing. Our Agent referred us to Regan Hagestad and I am soo glad that he did. We spoke with Regan along with other lenders and really felt comfortable with Regan and his group. They were knowledgeable and patient. Patients was important because my wife and I ask a lot of questions and Regan and his team answered them all. On top of all that we were given the best rate we could possibly get.

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Steve from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Excellent, Knowledgeable, Honest, Reliable, Personable, and Creative!

I strongly recommend working with Paul Marinko. He was recommended by our realtor but we still looked around as everyone should. Paul earned our business. From the outset, he was always personable, knowledgable, quick to respond to queries, and very patient walking us through the whole lending process. He likes to educate you on the process, not just race to the finish line. He was adaptable to different approaches and brings a wealth of experience to the table. He makes you feel like an important client and that your needs will be taken care of. I appreciate that he won’t sell you on things that he can’t deliver. That way he can meet or exceed expectations. You’d be lucky to work with a lender like Paul!

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Adam from Long Beach, CA

With Wil There is a Way

I am/ was a first time home buyer, needless to say I had many questions over the course of our agreement. Wil was attentive and direct with both questions and responses, Wil took the time to make sure I was comfortable with all the number and associated math. In fact there were several times well outside of normal business hours I reached out received prompt replies. Wil understood that this was a major purchase for me and my family, and he worked tirelessly to make the process as smooth as possible, which I am grateful for. I will share another example of many instances where Wil went above and beyond the call of duty: We had a specific lawyer that we wanted to use for our closing, as he was a personal friend. I was surprised to find out that it is the Bank that actually dictates who oversees the closing, even though they already have there own host of lawyers drafting all the documents, I wanted someone whom I trust and would have my interests in mind handling my purchase. To my dismay my lawyer was not on the Banks list of authorized closers, Wil went out of his way and made sure that the people involved in the approval process were in touch with my preferred law firm. Wil was ultimately able to expedite the approval process and get our lawyers approved through the bank rapidly, while simultaneously finalizing our closing which was done on time and with extreme professionalism. My family and I were very pleased with care and diligence that Wil provided us during our purchase. The skill set Wil employed over the course of our agreement showcased his years of experience and his innate ability to make me feel comfortable even during an extremely stressful time, as my wife was 7 months pregnant at the time. I would recommend Wil for any and all future purchases, I know he will be my go to guy in the future. Thanks Wil.

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Paul from Boston, MA

Gena Performed Miracles for Us

When my husband and I were searching for a mortgage our neighbor recommended using Gena as our mortgage broker. Gena got us a great rate, FHA 30 year fixed for first-time home buyers. It was truly something and it wouldn’t have been possible if not for Gena’s hard work, dedication and pure passion for helping people. We had a few challenges to overcome including me being a 1099 Independent Contractor, high debt to income and our down payment in crypto, any other broker would have given up on us. In this market most brokers can hand pick the easy business but Gena truly wanted to help us and went to work guiding us over the hurdles one by one working harder than anyone else would have. She even told us that our deal was the one that kept her up at night! To say it wasn’t easy would be an understatement but she really cared and that was evident. We never felt alone in the process. Gena and her team were amazing, they work together seamlessly and are one of only a handful of specialist lenders now accepting cryptocurrency as a means of funding a mortgage deposit. Gena performed miracles for us and we are so grateful to her and her team for making our dream of homeownership come true!

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Rebecca from Phoenix, AZ